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Our ALPHA holster is designed for deep concealment to be carried in the appendix position in front of the hip from the 12:30 to 2:00 position, but because of its minimal design, this holster can be worn in any position on the belt that is comfortable for you.  This holster is adjustable for ride height and cant.  With 2 points of contact, the holster will not tilt or shift on your belt.  We offer 3 sweat guard options, and a tall sight channel provides room for aftermarket night or fiber optic sights.  These all-American-made holsters are made of 0.060 KYDEX.  The mouth of the holster will not close, and it is easy to reholster with 1 hand.  You have a choice of soft belt loops or injection-molded j-hooks.  The soft belt loops which are attached to mounting legs and the J-hooks allow a shirt to be tucked into the pants to conceal the firearm.  Soft belt loops use Mil-Spec Pull-The-Dot directional snaps and are adjustable to fit 1.25, 1.5 and 1.75 inch belt sizes.  Appendix carry is fast, concealable, and improves gun retention in case of a gun grab.

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